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The Role of Fluctuating Dissipative Fluxes in the Receptivity of High-Speed Chemically Reacting Boundary Layers in Binary Mixtures to Kinetic Fluctuations


In this talk I reported on progress toward understanding the role that the numerous fluctuating dissipative fluxes that occur in chemically reacting mixtures play in the kinetic fluctuations boundary layer receptivity problem. These fluctuations are modeled using fluctuating hydrodynamics where the molecular nature of fluids is expressed through stochastic white noise contributions to the dissipative fluxes. Click here for the meeting abstract.


Fall 2019

Outreach, Apollo Middle School, 2019

During Fall 2019 I will not be teaching. Instead, I will be serving as an outreach scholar at Apollo Middle School over the course of the semester.

Spring 2020

Research Associate, Univeristy of Arizona, 2020

For Spring 2020 I have recieved a research assistantship, so I will not be teaching this semester.